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A wish to all for a Real Christ Centered Christmas Holiday

This is Roger Schafer, Mu class 1974, Coming to you as an alumni and wanting to stay connected. A very Blessed Holiday and safe travels to all of us. As Jesus is the reason for the CHRIST in Christmas, Wishing a great one. May God's Blessings be real for your New Year too. Remember the Active Brotherhood in your thoughts and prayers this coming year. If you have time to stop in that would be great. We are looking to reduce the mortgage if you are able to help in a big or small way in that aspect too too. Hoping to see many of the alumni in the coming year and looking for many ways to give your support to the Active's as we try the best we can in 2015. Many ways for alumni to support have been opened and Sig Ep National has suggested many new ways too. Lok forward to seeing and hearing from you all.

Posted By John Patota on December 15, 2014 6:23 PM |

Alumni updates and fund raising activities 11.3.2014

This is Roger Schafer alumni 74 BS/BA. I have been to may activities at the New House in the past 2 years and am attempting to update the Alumni data base. If you have moved or have a new E-mail address could you please either send it to or Dustin Minard chapter counselor. We have attempted to contact all of the emails we have on file and you should have received at least one in the last two weeks. with fall approaching and the winter months we hoped you will take the time to consider making a contribution to Sig Ep for the pay down of the Mortgage to Chase Bank. If we start now we can reduce the amount of interest that is being paid and have money for improvements as the House in now 6 years old and wear and tear will soon need attention. The new house is in great shape and is being taken care of well. I was able to assist in replacing some of the landscape bushes that suffered from the dry summers and severe winter. We have several close by Alumni brothers who are able to assist and volunteer in projects. Please consider assisting as we need the wisdom and experience of our wonderful alumni base to counsel and aid our younger brothers. Also please keep us informed as to your activities and life events so we can celebrate with you too.A wonderful Holiday season to us all. Roger

Posted By John Patota on November 3, 2014 6:02 PM |

Homecoming Fall 2014

We want to thank the Alumni who came to support Sig Ep at the Alumni dinner on Friday night. A very good showing! Also we thank the Alumni who came on Saturday and participated in the activities there too. As we are aware more so now that alumni involvement in the active house is very beneficial to the brothers and Sig Ep National watches this relationship to keep track of those chapters in the running for awards too. I want to thank all of our alumni for past support and future support of the active chapter and any funds and assistance we can give the actives as they pursue their education and in search of careers. We have a wealth of knowledge and experiences that could really enhance the college experience for these young men.
The Actives have again filled the house and achieved a Presidents Cup a campus award. We are proud of our brothers

Posted By John Patota on November 3, 2014 5:52 PM |

SigEp Formal 2014

2014 Sig Ep Formal.jpg

RSVP At This Link

Posted By John Patota on February 17, 2014 10:28 AM |

Alumni Weekend 2013


Schedule of Events
Friday, October 4
Getting into Angola early? Join usĀ at the new house

Saturday, October 5

8 am Breakfast at the New House
9 am Lambda House Meeting
10 am New House Tours
11 am Tailgate Party
1 pm Football Game
5 pm Brick Laying Ceremony
5:30 pm Initiation
6 pm Cookout at the New House
8 - Midnight Party with Music at the New HouseĀ 

Sunday, October 6

10 a.m.-3 p.m. Golf Tournament, Zollner Golf Course

Posted By John Patota on July 2, 2013 11:38 AM |


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